Rifts: Foundations of Hope

Rescue mission

Anaya Groves and Murphy have accepted a mission to be dropped near a bandit raider camp, sneak in, rescue some captured villagers, and escape with them. No problem. Except for the part where they’re asking Murphy to sneak.

Incoming Reboot!!

Rebooting with Savage Rifts rules.

Start making your characters peeps. :D

Unexpected Strays

The party discovered one of the locals was in fact, or at least appears to be, a transplant from Rifts Earth. Elizabeth claims to be from Tolkeen, and that she escaped from a demon by fleeing through a rift into this world.

The party has taken her in and helped her retrieve her possessions, but in so doing have stirred the local police force into looking for this “mentally unstable” girl.

Having retrieved her possessions, the party now must figure out how to complete their mission and return safely. They are also taking turns monitoring the girl because of suspicions that she may not be what she seems.


The arcanic duo made their way south east to the mission site and encountered their future comrades, Invisible Tessa and Riven. Osric gave them all some information regarding the mission. Due to the party’s rapid means of transit, they arrived in time to catch the next opening of the rift.

The following dawn, Murphy, Ana, Invisible Tessa, and Riven were gathered near the nexus point.

Dawn came and a silvery line appeared in the air before them. The line grew down to the ground and up into the air and began to widen, forming a tear in reality. Through the gap, they could see light forest, almost more of a park than a forest, with blue sky and white clouds.

After a moment’s hesitation, the party steps through the rift. The first sensations are that it’s brighter and colder on this side of the rift. Just chilly, but noticeable. The second thing you notice is a roaring / rushing sound coming from someplace nearby. It’s loud, either a large beast or a great many people making noise at once. The sound is coming from the south.

Invisible Tessa says “Scouting”, and immediately dashes off to establish a perimeter.

You are standing in a clearing in a very sparse forest. About 40 meters away is a paved concrete path winding through the wood.

There doesn’t seem to be anyone immediately nearby.

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